Important Facts About Pallet Rack Protect

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Important Facts About Pallet Rack Protect

Warehouse workers are exposed to many hazards when working with heavy machinery. He or she must protect lift trucks, other equipment, and products. Pallet racks, which are vulnerable to being damaged by lift trucks, are especially at risk. The risk of accidents is minimized if pallet rack protectors are used to protect them. Here are some important facts about pallet rack protection. Let’s look closer at these crucial items. Here are some reasons to use them. Aside from protecting your products, they also protect your warehouse equipment. When you have just about any inquiries relating to where as well as tips on how to work with pall rack column protectors, you can e mail us on our own internet site.

Column protectors

Column protectors may be a good idea if you are using a pallet rack to store valuable items. Column protectors are similar to protective bags for smart phones and laptops. They will protect your valuable items. Installing these protective devices correctly is key to ensuring their durability. These tips can help you choose a column guard that is right for your pallet rack. These devices can be very beneficial, you may be amazed!

Panels for containment of steel mesh

When choosing the right steel mesh containment panels for your pallet racks, it’s important to find a product that meets safety requirements and is designed for your particular application. New standards from the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (PGMA) provide guidance on design and testing, as well as operational requirements. These standards are the foundation for safe rack usage. For safety purposes, please click the next internet page refer to the ANSI MH31.1–2019 guidelines.

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Wire mesh containment panels

Pallet racks can be protected from damage with wire mesh containment panels. Workers have access to highly valuable items such as hazardous materials and quarantined goods. In addition, these panels can be used in mezzanines to provide additional workspace or storage above warehouse floors. Conventional handrail systems do not provide adequate protection against falling objects due to their large gaps between mid-rails.


Designed to protect your warehouse storage racks, guide rails are a convenient and effective solution. Bollards, which are posts mounted on the surface of racking, protect it from forklift collisions. These barriers can be installed quickly and protected multiple warehouse areas. They protect valuable stock and prevent costly workplace infrastructure repair expenses. Continue reading to learn more about guiderails. This article will help you choose the right one for your warehouse.


Shims, which are accessories for pallet racks, help to maintain please click the next internet page uprights’ level. They’re also used to level back-to-back bays. These accessories are usually made from galvanized metal. They attach to the ends and can be attached with hardware. Shims are used to prevent uprights falling or slipping. The type of load and its characteristics will determine the size and color of the shims.


The strength of footplates on pallet rack protectors is essential to prevent damage to the entire system. They can cause the whole stack to collapse, leading to significant profit and productivity loss. The strength of the feetplates affects the stability and risk of collapse of the racks. The thicker, more robust footplates can absorb more accidental impact and prevent further damage.

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