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An Inside TAKE A LOOK AT Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast

A story as old as time has to get started on somewhere and for Disney it is at the mid 1980’s when development work started off on Beauty and the Beast. Set in and around a smaller French community in the delayed 18th century, Beauty, and the Beast represented only the fifth Disney cartoon movie to be designed from a story book. The others were Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and THE TINY Mermaid.

Beauty and the Beast developer Don Hahn. At the right time Beauty and the Beast premiered Jeffrey Katzenberg, now an executive and owner with Disney rival DreamWorks, was Disney Studios Chairman. 144.8 million, and garnishing a Best Picture Oscar Academy Award nomination. Even today it remains really the only animated movie to possibly achieve such a nomination. Audiences and Critics alike were almost unanimous in their praise for the overall strength of the visuals, story telling, character development, and music. It had been a long road to get at the idea of success that Beauty and the Beast achieved. The movie got practically four years to produce with the full-time help of over about 600 animators, music artists, and technicians.

There were over 226,000 colored gels and over one million drawings separately. Over 1,300 backgrounds were designed for Beauty and the Beast. Some of Disney’s best animators, like Glen Keane, did Beauty and the Beast. Keane was a supervising animator who drew and designed the Beast while overseeing six animators that caused him.

Keane’s acquired a good deal of experience with Disney personas (i.e. Ariel in THE TINY Mermaid, Professor Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective) and he was ready for the new task. The ultimate design of the Beast finished up being various parts from a lion, buffalo, untamed boar, gorilla, wolf, and keep.

But the main element to designing and animating the Beast was making certain he appeared sincere. Supervising animators James Baxter and Mark Henn were called after for the look of the movie’s heroine, Belle. The ballroom collection was a key defining moment for both animated heroes. Baxter was given the working job of animating both individuals for the arena because they were so “interconnected.” To achieve the total results, Baxter studied dancers and even took waltzing lessons! Well-known animator Andreas Deja was presented with the task of bringing the movie’s unique villain, Gaston, to life.

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