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Get ready for Summer fun and moneymaking. Get Street Performers permit and head on out to amuse the large number of visitors traipsing through this beautiful city. As always – KEEP IN Mind: The Chicago Street Performers permits does not include CTA channels or Metra or Amtrak or the international airports. CTA has special, very restrictive permits.

Metra requires a special permit and session, possibly with insurance. Airports are extremely restrictive, apart from the techniques that are area of the CTA actually. Amtrak is a performance in its right. What does the permit cost? “Commissioner” means the commissioner of business affairs and consumer security or the commissioner’s designee. “Department” means the section of business affairs and consumer security. “Perform” means, and includes, but is not limited to, the following activities: acting, performing, playing musical equipment, pantomime, juggling, magic, reciting or dancing.

“Performer” means anybody holding or necessary to hold a street performer permit under this section. “Public area” means any sidewalk, parkway, playground, or other public way located within the corporate limitations of the populous city. The word “public area” will not include transit platforms and stations operated by the Chicago Transit Authority or the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. “Other dressing up event” means any other dressing up event conducted by the town of Chicago, including, however, not limited by.

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Chicago Park District in parks or other facilities managed by the Chicago Park District.(Prior code § 160-1; Amend Coun. J. 10-7-09, p. 72718, § 3; Amend Coun. 4-244-161 Permit – Required. No person may perform in a public area without first having obtained a permit issued under Section 4-244-162 of the chapter. Added Coun. J. 5-9-12, p.

4-244-162 Permit – Conditions. A permit will be issued by the commissioner to each applicant for such permit in exchange for a completed program and a permit fee in the total amount set forth in Chapter 4-5 of this Code. A completed program for a permit under this section shall support the applicant’s name, telephone, and address amount and shall be authorized by the applicant. The permit shall be in a form that may be displayed.

The permit required under this section will be nontransferable. Upon issuing a permit under this section, the commissioner shall also concern to the performer named in such permit a published copy of the chapter. Added Coun. J. 5-9-12, p. 27485, § 125; Amend Coun. 4-244-163 Permit – Display. A performer shall carry and display a permit on his or person at all times while performing in a public area, and shall wear the permit in a manner that is obviously noticeable to the public. Added Coun. J. 5-9-12, p.

4-244-164 Duties – Prohibited Acts – Other requirements. A performance might take place in virtually any open public area, but only between your hours of 10:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays and 10:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Fridays. A performer might not block the passage of the public through a public area.

Failure to follow such a demand to go is a violation of the section. 200 ft or more, measured either horizontally or vertically from the idea of generation. Failure to adhere to these noise-control limitations shall subject the violator to the penalties set forth in subsection (e) of the section.

All road performers are prohibited from executing in the highly congested area on both edges of Michigan Avenue, bounded by East Delaware Place on the East and north Superior Road on the south. No performance with a performer shall be allowed at any time in Millennium Park, or on any sidewalk that abuts Millennium Park. Added Coun. J. 5-9-12, p. 27485, § 125; Amend Coun.

4-244-165 Acceptance of contributions. A performer who works and accepts contributions under the procedures of this section shall not be committing disorderly conduct under Section 8-4-010 of the Municipal Code of Chicago by virtue of these serves. Added Coun. J. 5-9-12, p. 4-244-170 Violation – Penalty. 200.00 for each offense. 500 for just about any subsequent violations thereafter. Added Coun. J. 12-9-92, p. 25465; Amend Coun. J. 5-9-12, p. 27485, § 126; Amend Coun.