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Senior Clojure Engineer At Dé VakantieDiscounter

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer that will join our growing development section, where you shall be part of an agile feature team. Your talent and experience with software development can help us are more innovative, improve our productivity, and continue to live up to our high standards.

On the server side you’ll be integrating our service APIs and customer side, you’ll be working on features that will enlighten our customers while maintaining high-quality code. You’ll be writing lots of high-quality code that goes to production continuously and spend ±10% on the r&d to find the next big thing. Open Source; because we contribute to the ecosystem back.

The VakantieDiscounter (Elmar Reizen BV) is an online travel company from the Benelux and was founded over twenty years ago. From 2009 to 2019, the ongoing company has grown its income 50x. At the moment, VakantieDiscounter is embarking on an internationalization journey, you start with Germany and additional expanding into several other countries in Europe.

The company is constantly centered on innovative improvements and quality, not only based on the platform, but in conditions of channels to reach and support the customer also. The ever-prevailing goal is to make it easier and convenient for the client to select a nice holiday. The lively VakantieDiscounter office, with a global team of 90 people, is located on the Amsterdam canals in the center of the city.

The company is flat, democratic and predicated on trust, and employees have a complete lot of freedom in achieving success through their own preferred approach. Is this the work for you? Respond quickly to the vacancy! We would like to get your CV via the application form button below. N.B. Acquisition predicated on this vacancy is not appreciated. We do not use recruiters.

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