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Cruelty-Free Beauty FOR THOSE

As you might know by now, I’m a lawyer by day and budding beauty blogger by evening. I was honestly surprised when I realized both seemingly unrelated activities intersect frequently – but rarely in a great way. As a beauty blogger, I like to be aware of what sort of ingredients are in the makeup products I purchase and review.

As an attorney, I get information on said elements when that problem with them. Enter the talcum powder lawsuits. In 2009 Back, a study by Dr. Margaret Gates and the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health resulted in the to begin many lawsuits about the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. These lawsuits are ongoing nationwide still. So, what do you need to find out about this common ingredient? Talc is a nutrient that absorbs wetness and protects epidermis from friction. However, today as “baby powder talcum powder is mostly commonly described.” Before the 1970’s, naturally occurring talc, ground into powder form, contained asbestos.

Although asbestos is banned nowadays, in a 2013 lawsuit, it was alleged that studies demonstrated that even asbestos-free talcum powder experienced the potential to cause ovarian malignancy. Most dusting powders for adults or baby powders for infants contain talcum powder as the primary (sometimes only) ingredient. Talc is also a filler in certain eyes shadows, face powders, foundations, blush, and brothers, etc. You should check any powder structured cosmetics substances list to see if talc is roofed. Is talc a risk really? The American Cancer Society summed up some of the research that has been going on with regards to the link between cancer and talcum powder.

So far the research has been centered on the use of talcum powder in the genital area and the findings are combined. Some research suggested an elevated risk to women of as much as 30%, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, has announced asbestos-free talc to be “possibly carcinogenic” to humans. How to prevent talc?

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I’m no scientist, and I don’t intend to dictate whether or not people should avoid talcum powder entirely, but it is worth further research and concern by us the consumers. If, like me, you’d like to err on the side of caution, check the ingredients in virtually any and everything cosmetics you purchase.

If the elements aren’t listed on the product packaging, you might be able to find that information online on the manufacturer’s website(s). Wish product is cruelty-free, does not imply it is talc-free. Luckily, due to the attention talc is getting these full days, many makeup companies proudly declare if/when their products are talc-free. By the end of your day it is up to the savvy consumer to do his / her homework prior to making a purchase. The research on talc is still in its infancy but it is my personal belief that it is a needless “filler” and there are numerous wonderful brands that don’t use it. Hopefully you find this given information useful and it leads one to further research.