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Such A Good Day

Today is one of my days off. I used to be at the fitness center by 7.30am for a PT session lol. So the good parts of the day! I had been wearing a fresh Lorna Jane tank top. I also have another mint green one that says “werk werk werk” so first of all super happy it fitted! And it fitted well.

4 rounds of that. It was 4 rounds of 3 reps of front side squats Then. 10 reps, 12 repetitions then 15 reps then. So that it was leg-press machine (I did 160 kilos in the end – which really is a lot for me!) then, the squat jumps, 200 meter row 20 steps overs the rowing machine then. And a 50-second wall squat phew lastly! She was informed by me yes.

5 weeks and try to get right down to 105 kilos by then. Which would be AMAZING! 105 kilos by the end of the entire year should suggest in the first couple of months of next yr I will get right down to double digits. So overall an extremely good Fitness center day. Tonight I am making “cheesy rice slice” for dinner.

July in KC. Everyone standing around waiting for the race to start in their bathing suits and the suits were freezing. We were all type, or kind of in shock but knew water would feel great since it would be warmer than the exterior temperature. The calm before the surprise. For this race they execute a time trial start where you line up according to your approximate swim time and then one person begins every 3 secs.

It takes a lot longer to begin this way (in truth there have been still people waiting around to begin the competition when the champion of the function crossed the final line), but it make the swim less chaotic definitely. I lined up with the 10-minute swim group, even though I knew I couldn’t swim this fast.

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I just wanted to start just a little earlier and understood other folks would do the same so I wouldn’t be totally out of my group. I jumped in and started swimming. I sensed very good throughout the swim. I didn’t want to push it too much therefore I tried to swim a good steady pace.

I was happy with how I felt because I never had to avoid and relax and made it through the swim quite easily. I thought. I thought I put it arranged for auto multisport, but I knew when that happened I had fashioned it arranged on the run and it was providing me my run/walk alert for my long works. I arrived of the swim and strike the lap timer on my Garmin for a 12:37 swim.