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Healthy & Fit Magazine is a small-market, monthly publication distributed mainly in Clinton, Eaton, Ingham and Jackson counties in Michigan. In April Healthy & Fit will celebrate their 10th anniversary, 2015 so they demonstrated a lot more longevity than most “indie” publications. A substantial portion of Health & Fit’s success is because of their tight focus.

Healthy & Fit Magazine has a heavy focus on regular folks who determined to improve your health. The paper issues have before-and-after pictures. That is one of the “after” pictures. A typical audience might be considered a mother who found life operating on fast-forward. She have been putting the needs of her education, career, children, aging parents ahead of taking care of herself perhaps.

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People can escape with that while they possess the resilience and recuperative powers God grants youngsters. But at some point in our lives, in our thirties often, we find ourselves spent. At that moment we realize that we need to take care of ourselves. Healthy and Fit Magazine will there be waiting to help demonstrate ways to achieve that.

There is some activity that will work for you. It might be as easy as walking your dog. The key is to begin doing it. Another important function of Fit and Healthy Man is to be a cheerleader. Many of us do not have workout buddies. The cheerleading facilitates us through the aches and pains can accompany training. The cheerleading promotes us to get on the paths after life occasions derail prior initiatives back again.

Most issues of Healthy & Fit are 32 pages long. This is a competent (affordable) size for the printer to take care of and the limited size enforces that restricted control on the content. A 12 months There are a few issues, the Annual Race Guide and the Annual Fitness center and Fitness Center Guide that exceed that size. A lot of the content is provided by regular contributors. The contributors are not “writers.” They are Dentists who are able to write, FITNESS TRAINERS who can write, Dieticians who can write, and so forth. The primary concentrate of the writing is to bring in beginners to the basics of fitness.

Tim Kissman is the publisher and owner of Healthy & Fit Magazine. This is not a picture of the women who mugged Mr. Kissman, but you are given by it a feel for the masses. I interviewed Tim Kissman at an Eaton Rapids coffee shop. It is not a coffee shop that he frequents. I showed up five minutes early and pointed out that a desk of retired females was breaking up.

Most of the table exclaimed “Tim Kissman!!!” as he strolled through the hinged door. The closest I could come to capturing their glee is to compare it to what sort of class of Kindergarteners would respond if Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny walked through the door at the same time. Mr. Kissman was appreciated to hug every one of those females before he could get into the restaurant.

Half way through the interview another customer in the coffee shop regarded him from his picture, walked and released herself up. Tammy is a yoga instructor at one of the neighborhood fitness centers and avidly follows Healthy & Fit magazine. It felt like I was interviewing a Rock Star. That kind of charisma is not essential to the magazine’s success.