[Routine Help] 30 Year Old Female, Need Help With Redness, Dull Skin And Pigmentation

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[Routine Help] 30 Year Old Female, Need Help With Redness, Dull Skin And Pigmentation

year-old female 30, need help with inflammation, dull skin, and pigmentation. 30-year-old female, need help with redness, dull skin, and pigmentation. As you can see in the picture, I’ve got a lot of inflammation and pigmentation and I need help reduce it. I do wear make up but I’m not a huge enthusiast of too much basis, so figured I’d go skin care first.

I’ve greasy but somewhat dehydrated pores and skin. I drink over 3litres of water each day but that hasn’t really changed my pores and skin much. My current schedule is next to nothing at all as I only put Cerave moisturizer post shower in the AM and clean my face with Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser in the PM/.

  • Bruising lasts longer
  • FabIndia: FabIndia does not test some of its products on pets
  • Does transfer but suprisingly good durability for a dewy cushioning
  • PEGs and ceteareth
  • Does drinking water hardness matter
  • Moisturize the locks
  • Protecting your skin layer now, can keep your skin even into the elderly years
  • Aloe vera gel (hydrating and nourishing properties) – 2 tablespoons

This has been my regular for years. I tried to present Melano CC for half a year this past year and it did nothing at all for my skin. I’ve also tried Benton snail bee high content essence previously and that’s not worked for me either. Not at the same time. I wish to expose products to my program to boost my pores and skin.

I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand. I acquired Mecca, Sephora, and access to online stores like hers. Any help would be amazing! The first step if you want to lessen pigmentation / prevent further pigmentation is SUNSCREEN! Vit c serums like means or won’t really work if the sun is still leading to further pigmentation.

Id recommend finding one you like first and applying every morning as the last part of your AM routine. Also, applying in c before sunscreen can help your sunscreen are better! The day I buy into the other comment that you should wear Sunscreen through the. I would recommend adding Niacinamide to your routine as well. Research Dr. Art Cicapair products. I too have inflammation on the chin and nose. These products produce an instantaneous response.

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