Fax TOGETHER WITH YOUR IPhone Using Mobile Fax Mobile Or Website Fax Application For IPhone

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Fax TOGETHER WITH YOUR IPhone Using Mobile Fax Mobile Or Website Fax Application For IPhone

Sign up for an online fax service. You are able to sign up to the internet fax service provided by Popfaxright from your iPhone. Without any installations or downloading required. 4. Take picture of the document that needs to be delivered. 5. Enter the destination fax number. 6. Send the fax. You shall receive a record informing you if your transmission was successful. The status and the copy of your transmissions are available at any time in the “Outbox” of your Popfax account. Install Popcompanion App from iTunes.

Create a Popfax account or sign in to your existing account. Pick the Send & Receive membership with a separate fax amount provided, or try receiving and sending faxes online for free. 3. Scan the pages of the record one after the other with your iPhone camera. The built-in image processor chip in Popcompanion adjusts the photo and converts it into a faxable dark & white document. You can rotate pictures 90 degrees and change the web page size.

4. Send the causing document. You will get a notification of delivery. The status and the copy of your transmissions can be found anytime in the “Outbox” of your Popfax account. Subscribe to Send & Receive package deal with a separate fax amount included. Give the dedicated fax amount that you received from Popfax to the fax sender. Find your fax in your Popfax accounts. It will save time and escalates the efficiency of unified record communications. Created Once, a Popfax accounts can be utilized from various Internet-enabled devices – computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – offering a complete freedom to choose what device to fax from.

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