Installing Player/Stage In Ubuntu (Natty Narwhal)

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Installing Player/Stage In Ubuntu (Natty Narwhal)

A few months ago I had written helpful information to installing Player/Stage on a clean Natty Narwhal Ubuntu install for the robot lab I work at. This was on the shielded wiki, but I believe maybe it’d also be beneficial to the world in general, so I’ll show you through the set-up process (with pictures!) in this website entry.

I’m pretty sure this guide will work for any version of Ubuntu that has Ubuntu Software Center on it, but I’ve only tested these instructions for Natty. In the event that you followed these instructions to set up Player/Stage on the non-Natty version of Ubuntu do leave a comment so that others can know whether it works. A newer version of these instructions for Ubuntu 11.10 are available here.

If you have any problems or questions that are not addressed here I quickly recommend you email the playerstage users mailing list. These instructions are for Player 3.0.2 and Stage 4.0.1 which are the most recent versions at the right time of writing this guide. It helps to truly have a computer which you have sudo rights to. If the computer is networked so you can’t set up stuff on it then ask the network administrator to install playerstage for you, you can install Player/Stage into the home director alternatively, this is explained below also.

1. First download Player and Stage. 2. Draw out the tar.gz files. Right click on the icon of the thing you just downloaded and select “extract here”. Player/Stage has a lot of dependencies, however they can be installed with Ubuntu software center fairly easily. 1. To open up Ubuntu software center (if you don’t know how) click the Ubuntu logo in the very top still left of the screen and start keying in Ubuntu. It will come up among the options.

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3. In the very best right of the Ubuntu software center there is a search bar. Start keying in the pkg-config in, which should give you the pkg-config installer. If it’s not already installed, then click install. 4. To install FLTK type FLTK into the search bar. This time finished. You want probably won’t be a choice.

This should work first-time, even on a fresh install of Ubuntu. Open a terminal and change directory (cd command) to the folder you extracted the player into. This will probably be called something similar to “player-3.02” or whatever version you downloaded. But I don’t have audio! Well, you need to install it into the home directory somewhere. This is a pretty similar process, you have to improve the install prefix just.

PREFIX. If nothing is listed press on, things should appear. If the choice doesn’t show up press it again until it can. 1. Make sure that pkg-config can find player, in any other case there could be a variety of troubles when you try to use Stage later. 2. If it gives you a version number it’s properly installed.

Otherwise, in your house folder make or edit the file called.bashrc, (it probably already is available). 4. In a new terminal demand stage folder you extracted earlier. Stage version you installed. But I don’t possess such! The install is merely exactly like for Player if you want to install Stage in your home folder or someplace. 1. Follow steps 1,2 and 3 above for configuring pkg-config (otherwise this won’t work). 2. Then, in a terminal demand stage folder you extracted earlier.

Stage version you installed. PREFIX. If nothing is shown press on, things should appear. 4. Whilst it is chosen press enter to modify the option and then change it to the folder you want the player installed into. 7. If the option shows up, press it to create the make files. If the choice doesn’t show up press it again until it can.

The stage-source code has some useful code that should work if you everything installed. To check your install in your terminal go to the /worlds listing in the foundation code folder. Type player simple.cfg into the terminal. In the unlikely event that that works you’ve successfully installed Player/Stage! 3.0: cannot open up a shared object file: No such document or listing. Released under the GNU PUBLIC License. Player comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. That is free software, and you are invited to redistribute it under certain conditions; see COPYING for details. Didn’t wait plugin stageplugin. This is most likely triggered by the computer not being able to find the Stage.