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Omniyat Properties is a privately kept real estate investment and development company headquartered in Dubai. Enough Interestingly, Omniyat actually grew out of a mixed band of companies called Almasa Keeping that focus on IT hardware and software! Almasa was founded in 1995 by the Dubai based entrepreneur Mehdi Amjad and his Kuwait based partner Esmail Janathi. Almasa first got started in real property in 2000 with projects in Iran and the UK.

Octavian. Another continuing business Bay Tower that looks similar to a work of art when compared to a building! The Binary. This is a distinctive “dual story” development that includes two (hence the name Binary) commercial towers fused jointly at the center. The Binary will contain offices as well as retail shops and a medical center.

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One Business Bay. This massive tower is located at the entrance of Business Bay and is in fact Omniyat’s maiden task in Dubai. Bayswater. This 25 story commercial tower is situated right on the waterfront in Business Bay. Like most of Omniyat’s projects, Bayswater incorporates unique architecture– the tower is scissor shaped! The Square. With The Square, Omniyat has generated a mixed-use home, retail and commercial development. The residential complex is made up of 9 low rise buildings. There will also be one building of serviced apartments and another commercial building. The grounds from the Square will contain 6000sqm of gardens and water features.

The Pad. This 25 story residential tower is located on the waterfront at Business Bay. The Pad runs on the unique kind of architecture called “cybertecture” making it the locations most technologically advanced home. All of the 231 flats in The Pad will support the latest smart technology to give residents a sense of “surviving in the near future.” If you ask me The Pad looks like one gigantic computer chip! The Gemeni. Composed of two 20 story towers joined by a 15 story block, and positioned in Business Bay, The Gemeni is based on Omniyat’s new OYSTER idea of office design.

The OYSTER idea is also used in a great many other Omniyat tasks. Omniyat Properties is without a doubt one of the greatest innovators in The Gulf. I am really amazed by their fantastic Mega-Projects that are some of the most unique and advanced you will find all over the world. Omniyat is going to keep on growing and growing!

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