How To BUILD A Social Media Campaign For THE HOLIDAY SEASON (And Beyond)

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How To BUILD A Social Media Campaign For THE HOLIDAY SEASON (And Beyond)

With Q4 comes the end-of-year anxiousness associated with sales and the holidays. Using public press to fuel both of these basic things makes sense. When it comes to creating your holiday-specific social media campaign or campaigns, what should you do? Where do you begin? Here’s the three-step process you need when establishing a social media campaign. And it will take you beyond the holidays! EXACTLY WHAT IS A Social Media Campaign? First, the obvious. Or the not-so-obvious if you’re new to social mass media maybe.

A social media campaign consists of organized marketing efforts that use a number of social media platforms to meet a small business goal or KPI. Campaigns change from everyday social press – or a sociable media strategy – for their focus, targeting, and measurability. That, and they usually have defined start and complete schedules. Tip: If you’re uncertain how to tie your social media campaign to a small business goal or KPI, read this first! A holiday campaign, for example, usually starts weeks prior to the holiday ending and promoted at 11:59 on said holiday. For example, for let’s say you will need to market a certain number of widgets on Dark.

To get customers and potential customers excited about your brand, or social press advertising campaign you could start a Black. But how will you begin? What’s had a need to execute on your cultural media campaign? Follow our three-step process. You should focus on your audience. Continuing with the Black Friday widget example, you’d probably want to check out your present customer list.

What is their age range, gender, income, location? Look at their interests – what are they? What exactly are they about talking; what trends are they getting together with? How/where do they consume your content? Any past social media campaigns can help with the audience, too. Most of all, this is a superb place to split test audiences!

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Additionally, this is where you would decide which social media platforms you’d use for your campaign. You can post your messaging to EVERY systems certainly. But keep in mind, each platform has its own personality, audience(s), and function. Carefully consider which kind of content is most effective to your selected systems. For example, if your social media campaign has a lot of imagery, Instagram may be the platform for you. If video is your thing, Facebook and/or Instagram are good options. And if you want something to be easily shared – also known as “going viral” – Twitter is a good fit. Think about what each platform is best designed for and go from there.

No suggestion: Don’t get too sales-y. Use both non-promotional and promotional messaging to help AND sell. Finally, create storytelling for your campaign that matches your brand’s personality. Don’t be staunch or commercial. To prove a success, you’ll need to track results for your social media campaign. This brings us to metrics and picking the right key-performance indications back again. Sales or Conversions would be our KPI for the widget example we’ve been using.

Obviously, with sites like Google Analytics, you can set up goals and tracking variables for your campaign. But if you have more elusive goals, like brand understanding, you’ll need to monitor other factors, like talk about of voice or public traffic. It’s a little bit harder but doable. For example, a month let’s say our widget brand gets 500 mention. Our competitor, Widget X, gets 1, a month 000 mentions. If our share of voice (SOV) goal is to double our mentions, we’ve got hard data to track!

Conversely, using pay for traffic or media to monitor success on your social mass media marketing campaign is an easier task. Facebook Ads Manager, for instance, helps it is extremely user-friendly to track conversions. The day By the end of, establishing a social media campaign – for the holiday season or elsewhere – is relatively simple. The hardest part is determining what your goal is, tying that goal to business-final results, and tracking your success metrics.

So truly, the hardest part should be understanding and tracking your data. Social media marketing campaigns aren’t rocket science, but they can be tricky if the foundational work isn’t done or clear. What exactly are your tips for working with an awesome-source marketing campaign on social? Tell us in the responses section below! Enter your info below & get our blogs sent to your inbox along with free, subscriber-only gifts — like personal hacks, templates, tools, and PDFs. Example: Yes, I’d like to receive email messages from B Squared Media – SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Management. Great tip, Zar! Since our motto is “Think Conversation, Not Campaign” we can totally get behind that.

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