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For example, if you have quarterly package deal and if it generally does not make a profit through our established results, you’ll get an additional quarterly package free of charge! Our AFL Expert has kept mature positions as Head of Data Analytics, Price Assessment, and Trading at some of the biggest & most respected bookmakers in Australia.

Due to his seniority and position we cannot expose his name, but for the past five years he has achieved a double-digit profit margin on investment, and we expect these total results to continue involved with it a successful betting service. Tell us a little about yourself as well as your background. Since my early years as a child, I’ve liked playing and watching sport.

Enter my early teenagers and my life was consumed by sport, playing, training, or watching every day. I was a dead set sports junkie. In my later teens, I got the taste for punting and the basic idea of getting paid to watch sport seemed very attractive, so when the opportunity to work at a bookmaker shown, I jumped at it. That was 2 years ago, and for the reason that time I’ve held mature positions as Head of Data Analytics, Price Assessment and Trading at a few of the biggest & most respectable bookmakers in Australia.

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  • Capital structure of the Reit and the calibre of its managers
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  • Wants to invest for the long term

How do you enter AFL and how did you turn into a successful long-term punter? In my own early 20s I used to be approached by one of the senior sports traders and asked easily would be thinking about learning how to price markets. I accepted his offer and so my journey of price punter and assessor began. He was a great teacher, not only of pricing but punting as well.

I became enthusiastic about data and statistics and I quickly learned that with accurate pricing, a solid staking self-discipline and plan, punting can be lucrative extremely. How will you identify your bets? Where do you find the largest edges? Each week I use key metrics to produce a set of lines and prices / margins for every game.

I compare those prices to what the bookmakers offer and identify the value to determine my wagers. It’s surprising just how many people I know that saying “That’s a large price, I will have to halve my stake”. I’m the opposite. EASILY see that something is a large price, I am going to double my bet. This aligns with the Kelly Criterion theorem of maximizing your earnings where you have the largest edge. Why do you are thought by you to do so well on AFL?

No doubt the experience of having costed these markets for 20 years, combined with vast contacts I’ve accrued in the industry are my formula for success. What else do you look at when assessing fits and determining bets? Besides using my price evaluation to find value in cost variance, there are several key market indicators to watch out for as well.