Light Smokers REAP THE BENEFITS OF Nicotine-replacement Medications

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Light Smokers REAP THE BENEFITS OF Nicotine-replacement Medications

While the number of light smokers is increasing, most studies have centered on the benefits of guidance and nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) for moderate and heavy smokers. This research discovered that light smokers who approached a phone quilting are typically thinking about using NRT and achieve higher quit rates than those who were not offered NRT.

Martin Mahoney, PhD, MD, Associate Professor in the departments of Health Behavior and Medicine at RPCI and senior research writer. Nearly all the light smokers offered the free-nicotine medications wanted the medications, and 75% of smokers rated the offer of a free supply of NRT as very important with their quit effort. Laurie Krupski, the first writer on the study and an exercise and Development Coordinator in the Department of Health Behavior at RPCI. K. Michael Cummings, PhD, MPH, Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences, Medical University of SC.

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Alternative Dividend Yield Strategies: Dividend taxes will probably rise in 2011, so that as the chance of higher taxes erodes the recognition of traditional dividend yield-oriented strategies, tax-advantaged or tax-deferred strategies shall advantage. Financial Sector Rehabilitation: Steepening yield curves throughout the world, increased M&A activity and the still-underestimated normalized earnings power of financials should foster their returns surprise on the upside.

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