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Commercial Real Estate 101

Hope you are enjoying your summer months! It has been soaring by much too fast. As we look forward to September when everyone gets back from vacation, it’s time for you to get back to business! You may have noticed that a number of new developments have been announced in the Windsor area over the last few months. Today, we will summarize them in a single place for your easy reading! A thrilling downtown task from a prominent trader group that includes an area home builder, realtors, and architect.

The project is situated downtown on Pelissier, north of Wyandotte just. The existing building, known to most people as the former Don Cherry’s, has three stories being put into create 24 residential loft units. The primary floor will feature three commercial systems and the Lalovich PROPERTY Team will be taking on the marketing!

Look for this one in 2020. To see more on this fascinating development, check out their website. You can find programs for a 120-device home development at the northwest part of Park and Victoria Road. At 16 stories high, this building will have underground parking and ground floor commercial. The developer is SIND Investments and it is slated to be the biggest residential development in the core in decades. The true name of the task is Glenkash Luxury Suites. There isn’t plenty of detail out on this project as of yet, so stayed tuned! Just north of Ouellette and Erie Street, keep an optical vision out for a new 24-device building.

There will be a mix of one-bedroom (800′) and two bedroom (1200′) systems. The constructor, Valente Development Corporation, had applauded the town for their CIP incentives really, which offers tax incentives for development in the primary. Unfortunately, relations have soured following the decision to market the former collection on Ouellette to the Downtown Mission. It ought to be interesting to see how things play out.

The plans for the northeast part of Wyandotte and Crawford add a 150 device apartment building targeted at seniors. 1,600 per month. The units will be comparable to condos using their own furnace/ac, balcony, and washer/dryer. Developer Piroli Group Developments aims to do something to the project they did in Leamington a couple of years back. At the southwest part of Walker and Ducharme, on the outskirts of South Windsor, there is a proposed six story condo project in the ongoing works.

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The builder is Royalty Homes, who built many of the true homes in the close by Walkergate subdivision. The project includes both surface and underground parking, and the building is supposed to be situated close to Walker Road in a horseshoe form surrounding the 6-acre site. Additional information to come. There aren’t many condos in South Windsor, so this idea is interesting. It’s definitely an exciting time to see lots of projects in the works. In fact, there are quite a few more, so it appears like I’ll need to put a part two to this post together! Readers, how do you experience these new developments?

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