What Is Wrong With Last-gen EAI?

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What Is Wrong With Last-gen EAI?

The old EAI platforms didn’t execute a good job of communicating between each other (Tibco to MQ Series, etc.). Since different businesses picked different vendors, it made it difficult to use these systems for connecting unbiased businesses (or often different business units). The old EAI systems didn’t identify Web Services / SOAP as a ubiquitous communication device.

The old EAI platforms had proprietary solutions to transformations rather than moving to criteria like XSLT. The old EAI platforms got proprietary solutions for security – they didn’t utilize criteria like WS-Security for universal security needs. The old EAI platform all had proprietary solutions for dependability – they didn’t standardize the ‘at-least once, at-most once, in-order, on-time’ delivery functions like is employed in WS-Reliability. The old EAI platforms acquired proprietary solutions for node-to-node routing. Thus passing payloads with owner solution was required by an itinerary at each node.

Today this can be achieved by having components that support WS-Routing. The old EAI platforms concentrated more on integrating legacy systems than on creating included business processes. The old EAI systems didn’t be capable of create abstract versions of a process. Thus the ability to create standardized processes between businesses was almost impossible. This has been advanced with the BPEL abstract process capabilities.

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