Mother Captures Snaps Of Little Girl Trying To Copy Her Makeup Look

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Mother Captures Snaps Of Little Girl Trying To Copy Her Makeup Look

A mother-of-four was left ‘mortified’ after her ‘sassy’ litttle lady tried to duplicate her make-up look – only to wrap up staining her total face a glowing pink color. Aspiring make-up musician Nicola Jackson, 32, from Aberdeen, found her five-year-old little girl, Chloe’s antics amusing initially, when the youngster emerged with her face completely coated in black eye shadow. However, the very following day Chloe dug into her mother’s £60 Jeffrey Star Jawbreaker eye shadow palette to paint her features a bright pink and orange.

While upset to see her two favorite colorings in the costly palette damaged, the stay-at-home mother couldn’t help but have a good laugh at Chloe’s endeavors to replicate her. However, she was remaining ‘mortified’ when she learned the cosmetics received stained Chloe’s face, giving her with a ‘green hue’ for times. Nicola had been practising her beauty looks on her behalf other daughter Leah, eight, when Chloe first decided to give herself her own makeover.

When I’m practising makeup on Leah, I can’t watch Chloe the complete time therefore i let her have a play,’ Nicola outlined. One man’s garbage is really another’s treasure! Share ‘Chloe has seen what I’m doing on Leah and determined she wants to provide it a go. She applied: ‘It was entertaining, the facial expressions she was pulling as I took photos especially. But this wasn’t the end to Chloe’s mischievous escapades and the following day she made a decision to do the same again – but this time around with bright pink colours.

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I was mortified,’ Nicola said. She’d gone into my most expensive eyes shadow palette and completely dug out the red and orange and coated her face with them. She couldn’t have ended up for the tedious shades, she must go for my most liked ones. They’re just about completely ruined. She’s clearly observed me doing my makeup one way too many times because she’d even tested out to do her eyebrows.

She’s definitely very creative. People have asked me why I’m not angry because it’s such an expensive palette but she’s too funny. Makeup is replaceable but these memories aren’t. The little young lady was so delighted with her endeavors, she pottered off to the park showing off her cotton candy-coloured face.

With a family group holiday planned for this week, Nicola’s main worry was if her daughter would be stained red for the adventure. While Chloe’s pores and skin exhibited a bright green hue for another few days, it cleared up just in time fortunately. And Nicola sharing Chloe’s shenanigans in a beauty group actually inspired visitors to go out and buy the Jawbreaker palette after seeing how vivid the colours are. Nicola said: ‘After I posted about it, people were commenting about how it made them want to buy it actually. People worry that the colours aren’t that pigmented nevertheless they are and Chloe proved it. It could be a fresh trend Maybe, the Chloe test for new makeup palettes?