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In the spirit of Halloween I bring to you the Queen of the Jungle! I had a great time doing this makeup and hair for Jessa. Halloween makeup is always so much fun to do, and I had a blast with this Lion’s makeup look. Jessa already has quite the mane so giving her big lion’s hair was a breeze!

Sam Villa PROFESSIONAL VOLUME & TEXTURIZING IRON at the roots of her hair to give it quantity and texture. Then I used Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray also in the roots of her locks before I backcombed a bit. Just make sure they’re skinny! The best and cheapest/most convenient crystals I found here. And use a dot of adhesive place the stone right on top then.

Actinolite asbestos is a variety of the sub-classification of amphibole asbestos and, as a result, its makeup and consistency is similar to other kinds of this subset. Made of magnesium predominantly, actinolite asbestos is incredibly rare and ranges in color from white to darkish. Actinolite had not been regarded as used in asbestos products because of its rarity, but may be found in metamorphic rock.

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