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Since tea is a drink, we will examine the two teas from a flavor point of view. Which tea is tastier is a personal preference; regardless of this green tea has more of a bitter flavor than dark tea. Black tea includes a richer flavor than green tea extract. For these good reasons, many beginner drinkers choose dark tea over green tea.

Even so realizing that tea is a wholesome beverage, flavor might not be the main priority. Ahead of tasting the drink Even, color distinguishes both teas. The colors will vary because of the tea handling. Both teas proceed through similar processing apart from the oxidation process. Green tea’s initial drying operation is a short procedure of steaming or panning which lessens oxidation.

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On the other hand, black tea undergoes a comprehensive oxidation treatment which takes up to 3 hours. This technique is the reason why flavor is richer and the color is darker. Just, what exactly does that means that with regards to health advantages really? The leaves of the camellia sinensis are green comparable to any place normally.

When discussing food, one that is more prepared sheds more of its organic elements often. The same logic pertains to tea. Keeping the color green indicates it will have a complete lot more of catechins. Catechins are the active substance found in the tea leaves. They may be responsible for many benefits such as tumor prevention, cardiovascular disease, weight reduction, and bad cholesterol. Clinical tests have revealed a cup of green tea includes eight times more catechins in comparison to black tea. In theory, you’ll need to take 8 more servings of black tea than green tea extract to get the same quality of results.

You will get results of several experiments on medical benefits associated with dark tea. Some tests have prevailed against cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. This proves the therapeutic ability of camellia sinensis. Whatever type of process it applies, the tea leaves it’s still good for the body. Yet it’s wise to take the tea, which contains more of the active substance. So why not start including green tea to your daily diet.

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