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Firstly, there are always a handful of great resources for looking at whether brands are cruelty free, that I will link to. I’m not here to reinvent the wheel and these girls work super hard maintaining their lists. There’s more out there, but these are the ones I find most readily useful. They confirmed that products in their Autograph range aren’t recently. See my post about any of it HERE. Their current vegan product list is HERE.

I will upgrade this as and when I understand about new vegan products. Had a mini-anxiety after I brought home their mascara completely from London when I saw Beeswax on the substances list and was kicking myself for not examining the ingredients. But the reason I didn’t is that I’d read before that they don’t use animal substances.

They confirmed which products are vegan to me February 2014. Please, make reference to this post for more info. They verified that products are NOT if you ask me lately (February 2014). Please, make reference to this post. They don’t list their iDivines (eyeshadow palettes) as vegan. WHILE I questioned this, after googling all the substances listed, they said it is because they’re manufactured on the non-vegan production series.

Since I originally had written this over a year ago, I’ve tried several times to get an answer as to the reason they’re not on the vegan list, but have obtained a reply never. These companies do not animal test but that they also don’t market the products for vegan, they don’t confirm if individual products are or not. Some products contain animal ingredients and it’s really pretty obvious things like Carmine or beeswax. It’s an incident of checking substances lists with them and making a judgment call.

MLM products, whatever the suitable methods of the business enterprise are characterized by their high prices, low quality yet. Many people shilling these products are selling them with the promise they are great quality. LipSense sellers will claim that LipSense is the merchandise of choice on Broadway due to its pigment and durability, even though these claims are false (Perry).

  1. Mugo Pine
  2. Contains supplement E
  3. Mink essential oil
  4. What Can Light Therapy Cure
  5. Neuromuscular limitations impairing mobility or dexterity
  6. Avoid bathing with warm water or cool water. Use only lukewarm water

More Harmful Than Helpful? Even if beauty influencers choose to ignore the ethical question of purchasing and broadcasting the products of these MLM companies to their viewers as genuine, there could be a financial incentive to avoid doing so. It’s important to note that it’s not possible to know if people are actually buying more of this product because its sales aren’t disclosed and too little time has transferred to learn if incoming revenue has increased. Educating their audiences on the type of organization and their doubtful practices before critiquing a product is already happening within the wonder community. Many beauty influencers can do research and share information on what companies and products are cruelty-free and/or vegan.

This shows that they are already taking steps in educating their audiences on important issues within the beauty industry. This practice should expand beyond only ethical issues regarding the treatment of pets, but also the ethical issues about the manipulation and treatment of people. “A New Marketing Royalty: Why Digital Influencers Is On The Rise”.

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